How Does Wilton John Picou Do What He Does

June 25, 2017
At various points in his decade-plus- long career, Wilton John Picou served as an Application Quality Assurance Analyst at Monsanto. That was when he managed to implement new product testing methods that brought about the accelerated application of the development lifecycle, thus bringing products to market faster. The best part is, by using PXE tools and Altiris software, he was able to do so without causing harm to the quality of deliverables. In fact, he was able to conform to Monsanto’s global standards through.

It is perhaps his combination of education and experience combined to give Wilton John Picou the ability to search for and implement any IT solutions that may be needed in any situation. Because he is a curious person who is very eager to learn everything he can about his profession, Wilton J. Picou, he made sure his eduction was first-class. He started his career by earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Information Systems at Harris-Stowe State University. However, that’s certainly not the end of the story. He will be around for a long time, which means he will be learning new things for a long time.

Wilton Picou - Above and Beyond

October 30, 2016
To find an employee that does simply what is asked of them in not often a difficult task. But when an employee is passionate about their work, they tend to go above and beyond the expectation of project completion. This over achievement stems from enjoying what they do. Completing a project above and beyond expectation is what Wilton Picou is dedicated to doing every time he starts a new project. It is about more than just completing the projects he is assigned, it is about completing them on time, efficiently, and better than the original expectation. Wilton Picou loves the field of IT and often uses that joy as a catalyst to better results for the companies that he works for.